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With UAntwerpen you can easily find a carpool partner!

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Our carpool platform is there for everyone who travels to our campuses - students, academics, ATP, ...

And this without obligations, you choose how often and with whom you want to carpool! 


Besides being ecological, it's also good for your wallet! Read all about the common fees for carpooling here.



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Carpooling? Check out the advantages!

Just by sharing your ride once a week, you can: 

  • Save a nice sum
  • Decrease traffic jams and your ecological footprint
  • Meet new colleagues
  • Relax when you're not driving

Also via our app

Discover our app, for even more flexible carpooling. 

The application allows you to enter your trips (occasional or regular), to find carpoolers and evaluate them.

The application is free!


more about the app
more about the app

Still have a question?

Still have questions? If so, please contact your mobility coordinator

at or 03 265 3240

Still have a question?


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